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DEADAIRES - "Constance Demario"

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Artist Bio:

DEADAIRES is a band born out of necessity. While all the members have impressive pedigrees, having cut their teeth in celebrated Florida punk acts like Against Me! and True North, Deadaires is an entirely different beast. It all began last year when having left Against Me! after twelve years, Andrew Seward (bass, keyboards, vocals) moved to St. Augustine, Florida, and started working at a music venue with Ryan Murphy (vocals, guitars). The duo casually talked about starting a recording project and recruited drummer and co-worker/visual artist Jeremy Rogers (drums/vocals) to fill things out. Jeremy has been an instrumental part of the St. Augustine punk scene for 15 years and has also played in countless bands. "I had pretty much stopped playing music when the three of us starting playing together for fun, but as soon as this project started it came together in a way where we got that tingly feeling like when you start dating someone," Seward says of the band's unexpected beginnings in 2015. "You start daydreaming, and daydreaming is a good thing when it comes to creating something you love."

Recorded during lunch breaks, weekends, and the occasional vacation day, Deadaires was tracked incrementally over an eight-month period at Seward's house on an eight-channel mixer, a refreshingly far cry from the major-label albums he'd made in the past. "The whole record was a freeing moment in the sense that we work so much that there wasn't time to make a professional record on a budget, so we made something that was more fueled by sporadic intensity," Seward explains. "This was the most unstressed album I've made since I was 16 years old making records in Alabama," he continues. "Everyone agreed on everything or we didn't go forward." That charismatic connection and collective collaboration is evident on songs like,"Constance Demario," a midtempo sing-along that recalls some of the best moments of D.C. post-hardcore, but played through the prism of the Gainesville punk that these musicians helped pioneer. It's heavy without being macho and tender without sounding whiny. It's the sound of adults rediscovering the joy of what being in a band felt like before the complications of adulthood set in.

Lyrically the album focuses on the members' collective personal experiences. It's inherently relatable to anyone trying to come to terms with the present without disavowing his or her past. "We weren't trying to be thematic. It was just us looking back at the past decade of experiences and the fact that we're all the same age and coming from the same type of place," Murphy explains. "There's a melancholy to it but there's also a frantic desperation to these songs because I think that's just where we are in our lives." Once the recording was finished the band took it to close friend and renowned producer J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines) who masterfully mixed Deadaires. "J. was able to take these songs and make you feel like you're actually in the room as we record it live which is pretty amazing considering that it was all recorded separately," Murphy adds. Finally the album was mastered by another longtime friend, Brad Boatright, who recently worked on the soundtrack for the breakout Netflix series Stranger Things.

Speaking of strange things, although all three members imagined that their touring days were behind them once the album was finished, they all agreed that they needed to start performing these songs and recruited Alan Mills as their live guitar player. "We've played three shows, but it feels like we've been playing together for years because on some incestual level, we have been playing together for years," Seward explains. "That's the whole thing. We didn't plan on starting a band but the actual material motivated us to be a band." Whether Deadaires is building quietly climactic post-hardcore anthems like "Exit Polls," or channeling their aggression into controlled chaos on "Poor You, Poor Me," Deadaires is an album that's reassuringly familiar without regurgitating the past. It's the kind of album that references the Afghan Whigs as much as it does Fugazi because it isn't trying to be either of them. Sometimes our most creative moments are the unexpected ones... and this album is teeming with those types of tiny revelations. - Jonah Bayer

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Svetlanas - "Go Fuck You Self"

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Artist Bio:

Svetlanas: The Most Dangerous band In The World! Banned from Russia in September of 2014 Svetlanas bounce from one country to the next wreaking punk rock havoc to audiences worldwide.

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Chariots of the Gods- "Tusk"

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Artist Bio:

Chariots of the Gods is straight up, balls to the walls, in your face Heavy Metal. With blistering solos, gripping melodies & harmonies, rioting vocals and drums that just won’t quit, this is what it's all about.

About The Video: “Tusk” is one of ten shredding assaulting tracks on the release recorded at The Grid with legendary Montreal producer Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Beyond Creation, Neuraxis), and featuring a special guest solo from The Agonist's Pascal Jobin on the song “Into Oblivion”. Directed / produced by Renaud Jobin.

The band had this to say about the video: "It's been more than 3 years since our first official music video for the song “Tides Of War” was released. A lot has changed since then, sand it's time to reveal our first music video “Tusk” in support of our new record. It was great to have Renaud Jobin, our former vocalist, directing the project and working together again. He has a clear understanding of what the band is about and what we wanted to achieve. We’re really happy with the outcome and can’t wait to do more videos for Ages Unsung.”

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Them County Bastardz - "In the County"

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Artist Bio:

Them County Bastardz keep it simple! They are local dudes from Essex County who are in it to make old school metal with back forty rock and having fun while doing it!

Formed in 2013 and based in Leamington, ON (an hour south of Windsor/ Detroit area) these Canadian rednecks are headbanging heavy riffs with heavy lyrics to give insight to their county life style.

Their album ‘Sick Daze’ released on February 24, 2015 via Smokehouse Records tells the story of life in the county, with tracks such as their fan favorite ‘Drive By’ to heavy hitters such as ‘Bastard’ to ‘Rise Up’. Inspired by true stories and experiences, their seven track debut is about county living so crack open a beer, get ready to rock out and have a good time!

The band features Andrew Watson on vocals, Mike Rennie on rhythm guitar, Tyler Wickham on bass, Jim Kay on drums and Brien Alexander on lead guitar.

Fact about album title = Sick Daze is when you take a Monday off work because you are still feeling the weekend fun.

About The Video: Living life 'In The County', Director Name: Chris Towle

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I, Apollo - "Surface"

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Artist Bio:

Dubbed “The Millennium Falcon of Metalcore,” I, Apollo is a metalcore quintet from a small town in Ohio featuring Cole Smith (Guitar), Brendyn Moxley (Vocals), Justin Coleman (Guitar), Andrew (Droopy) Laird (Bass), and Quinten Hurd (Drums).

I, Apollo started touring before anyone in the band was 21. So far they have completed 3 tours hitting 22 states. In addition to touring with numerous bands including direct support for I Set My Friends on Fire, they have also played at a sold out shows, packed houses and music festivals with such notable acts as All That Remains, Starset, Slipknot, and many others.

I, Apollo recorded their five song EP titled “Stranded” with Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome! Studios in Bay City, MI. The band, known for their heavy promotion, passed out well over 3,000 demos before the official release of the EP. “The funny thing about passing out physical demos is you never see any other bands working the streets like we do. Meeting people you would never reach online.” This has been a major accomplishment for I, Apollo, gaining over 5,000 true fans on Facebook by working the streets and touring.

“These young guns have everything that it takes to make that next step and I believe they are well on their way.” – The Rustbelt Chronicles

The band wrote the “Stranded” EP in 2014 and scheduled studio time to record the five songs. Listening to scratch tracks the night before the recording session, the band decided to relieve their then vocalist of his duties. “It just wasn’t what we wanted to sound like.” With this move, the band had no lyrics, no vocalist, but headed to the Random Awesome! studios anyway. The plan was to just record instrumentals only.

Once in the studio, the band decided to rewrite all the lyrics. Brendyn Moxley, moved from guitar to the mic and nailed it. I, Apollo found the sound they were looking for.

The songs on the EP tackle everything from the AMC TV show “The Walking Dead,” relationships, betrayal, growing up, honesty, life experiences and modern dilemmas. The band comes through the music expressing views that speak directly to disenfranchised youth, music lover, and the down and out looking for a voice in today’s music. In love with music from an early age, I, Apollo lives, breathes and eats metal.

TOUR: Catch I, Apollo on tour with I Set My Friends On Fire in August, starting in Baltimore, MD.

About The Video: “Surface” by the band I, Apollo, was inspired by The Governor, a character from the AMC TV series, The Walking Dead. Featuring the album artwork by Dan Mumford (A Day to Remember, Miss May I), Corbin Thomas of wellcan media (Starset, Maroon Five, Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne, American Music Awards) brings this lyric video to life. The sense of hopelessness, helplessness, loneliness and pain created by The Governor’s evil deeds are illustrated through the song’s deep, dark lyrics. Intense flashing lyrics harken to lightening on a dark, stormy night as a girl stands alone atop a cliff looking over a city off in the distance, out of reach. Tentacles, a metaphor for The Governor’s evil, reach from the depths of hell to claim one more victim. Facing the choice between evil and an unknown fate, our heroine leaps from the cliff into a deep pit of uncertainty. The video ends with the girl once again standing atop a cliff, facing the future with hope.

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